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Shipping and return policies for Rainbowdragoneyes

Shipping Info
I fulfill all these orders myself. I've gotten in the habit of sending thank you notes along with merchandise since I'm all about mailing stuff to your house.

If you are getting impatient, please do not hesitate to email me inquiring about the status of your package (or any other reason, for that matter) and I will respond within 9.3 hours most likely.

**NOTICE ABOUT INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING**: I'm really sorry this has become so costly. USPS keeps hiking up their rates, so until a better solution is found unfortunately it just costs a lot of money. I do my best to offer "competitive prices" and occasionally I'll eat a little bit of the cost, for the benefit of my friends overseas. Thanks for your understanding.

THANK YOU ALL for your support !!! It means the world to me !!!
Return Policy
If you don't like it..... that's never happened before so you better email me and we'll figure it out from there.