Binged And Bit​-​Purged (The Dread Crew Of Oddwood)

from by Rainbowdragoneyes

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The night was filled with drink and song, with gambling and deceit
Pipes of wine were offered up to all who walked the street
Harlots latched on each our arms, drunk and full of meat
Let’s head back to the brothel for a little more to eat

The smells of sex and food and booze greeted as they passed
Tempting us with untold bliss, they knew our thirst was vast
We gathered ‘round a table where the liars dice were cast
This epic night would soon be gone and it would be our last

Our binge did carry on till the night became the day
Till all ill gotten riches were carelessly pissed away
As we staggered to our ship, the world began to shake
All around us brick and timber threatening to break.

Mouths of hell tore from the ground, whilst fire spewed from below
Divine wrath’s eyes set upon us all and our fear began to grow
We spent our days with no regret, living life in the afterglow
Now the Earth looks to consume us, we all reap what we sow

Sand and unpaved streets did rise and fall like violent waves
As buildings turned to rubble leaving many unmarked graves
Praying to be saved, towards the church we made to flee
But god’s house hath forsaken us, descending deep to sea

Mighty tremors came and went, spreading chaos and debris
As off the shore, the water swelled and leapt out of the sea
Ghastly tides attacked the town, wailing like a banshee
And left behind a salty void where Port Royal should be

“Nothing else was seen but the dead and dying nor heard but shrieks and cries
As the sea retreated, taking with it all our sins and lives."


from Pieces Ov Eight Bit: The Chiptune Pirate Metal EP, released January 4, 2015



all rights reserved


Rainbowdragoneyes Denver, Colorado

“After searching far, and searching wide. Past the shifting stars, and flowing tides. The answers not found in the heavens above - the wisdom I seek, the knowledge I bespeak, the answers profound as the questions thereof.”

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